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scrad’s. 117 gallon tank build
first off this tank was made by wayne and could not be happier with how it turned out , even with the different request we made it
any way off to the equiptment used in this tank and how it’s running sumpless
equiptment list is a follows (—not for sale —)
apex running all modules
3 had prime light
1 kessil 360
reef octopus hob 1000 hooked up to co2 reactor
aqua clear 110
refugium built into the tank
return pump back to tank —after passing thought. reactor 1 gfo other phosphate remover
1 qp 9 for water surface agitation
2 cp-40 both running same time off pulse creates wicked movement in tank
2 300watt heaters barley come on
1 tank ground probe invade stray voltage

125 pounds live sand
140 pounds live rock (from old tank)

after being in tots in the garage for 9 weeks iam surprised that all fish have survived and coral is thriving in the new tank but some still have an opened yet

now on the hurt for frags to fill it up !!!

[Image: 8503b7ce845b830e98f55a07a52f0270.jpg]
[Image: b40555fdf95cac9d197867ff59ad2c51.jpg]
[Image: 734581883233538599b777958033df31.jpg]
[Image: 770323b9c48dbae6101d23f363761b86.jpg]

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Nice. but it is pretty dark in picture . Is this a all in one tank,? thought you said it was. I am likening the tank.
[Image: b074c43799f9344053293bc63228f796.jpg]
back side of tank

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Tank looks great brad. Glad the set up went so smooth!
The wires would drive me bonkers lol

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