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Reef Supplies
I just wanted to put this out there. Reef Supplies out did them self on this. I bought 2 IT 5080 evergrow leds. Was just 2 years a few months old. 1 stopped working after I blew a house breaker ODD? as 1 unit still worked the other didnt, both plugged into same power bar. Message Ray reef supply and he sent off info to reef breeders in Rhode Island. I paid shipping there and back. These guys covered labor and parts to fix it. They helped me and saved my tank. I always praised how good my lights are and how good reef supply was. Now i was just proven how good these guys really are to deal with. Thank u guys...
Your story doesn’t surprise me at all. I’ve placed oodles of orders through Reefsupplies and I’ve not once been let down In any way. They are the best online store bye far in my opinion. I praise them all the time
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Only place I buy stuff from anymore. 20+ orders and never a problem.
I always do a big order on black fri. Buy what i need for a year. Then 1 or 2 times buy extras on sale through out the year. Never had anything go wrong.
I messaged them to see what they could do. I would of had to buy there new photon v2 at 2 units. They did what they didnt have to do. Warranty was 2 years i was like 4 5 months? over. Cost me 70 to ship and about the same to come back. Took a week and few days to get back.
Reefsupplies is one of the very best. Logan from Reefbreeders is an awesome guy too. Will do just about anything to provide wicked customer service. Glad you got your light fixed!
Reef Supplies and reefbreeders. I owe a lot to. I have the IT 5080 evergrow and didnt cost me to fix it. Just shipping. Everything was done so fast with communication and fixing it. Im grateful to them

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