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265 gallon
265 gallon reef tank. Comes with sump and return pump. Was used as freshwater most recently but was salt before that. Weirs have been removed but do come with tank. Has all glass lids. Asking $2000 obo.

May be willing to sell as a package with protien skimmer, up to 5 AI sol lights, calcium reactor and few hundred lbs live rock for extra.[Image: 9cb68f0a3fb62f3e30779283ce9980c3.jpg][Image: 109165a8dc7161750432d4f0764205fd.jpg][Image: f29c781252402fbe1833a4a65f669f6f.jpg][Image: 7a7aa2b1362d0dea4e050a807f7357c2.jpg][Image: 951ec0f48968a85549b5b5cb022fe007.jpg][Image: 4ff6ec034e9bb74e072ddbcb9bc501db.jpg][Image: 779770e87aa1c249b8ce292367412f2f.jpg][Image: 0166b8aecc350c0c11060280478178e5.jpg][Image: 3f81be5573f321b21794f900a469bf6a.jpg]

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