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Nuvo 20
I did have something much larger planned, was looking into getting a custom 190ish gallon L shaped corner tank built but life happened and the wife got knocked up so shes allowing me to get a smaller tank but only if its "her" tank. So i'll go along with it for now.

Tank arrived Wednesday, have the rock, sand, heater and a few other little things on the way. Still need to build the stand and order the bigger things like lights, skimmer and pumps but i'll update as it all comes together.

Probably just going to go with a mix of high end Euphyllia's and Zoa's,  (Got a few picked out from TJ already)  Maybe a couple carpet Anemones. Not sure on fish yet, probably start with a Yasha goby/shrimp pair and a yellow clown goby. Still undecided on this though.

[Image: 2mhsfmh.jpg]
Nice. The nuvo are a neat little tank. You get this from Cory?
Nah, I stopped by and had a look at his but decided to just buy new.
Cool. Can’t wait to see it full.
I like the way you worded that: "life happened and the wife got knocked up".. Like you had nothing to do with it. LOL
Will be watching this build. We've got one of those tanks upstairs.. But it too is the wife's tank.
Few more things arrived today. Sand, rock, heater, scraper and epoxy. Ordered 20lbs of Marco dry rock and 10 lbs of the Marco flat rock and its way to much, forgot how light the rock actually its.

Told them its for a 20g tank so I wanted smaller pieces and they gave me 4 football sized pieces. Going to have to do some smashing tonight.

Hopefully get a stand built this weekend and have water in it sometime next week.

[Image: ajx9fp.jpg]
Did a quick scape tonight, probably going to change a few things but will look similar to this.

Ordered a white prime hd with a white arm and going to paint the stand white. Seen a few tanks like this and they always look good. Hopefully get the stand build Sunday.

Started stocking up on some corals for it. Picked up some Vivid Rainbows, Deep Water Japanese, Fire & Ice, Blue Hornet, Scorchers, and Flaming Sun Zoa's from TJ when he came down as well as a really nice orange octospawn from 1fish. Did pick up a gold torch from them as well but it ended up dying.

[Image: 29yscn4.jpg]

[Image: a0xrmf.jpg]
Looks great good job
Built the stand and got this up and running Sunday. Light is just a refugium light for now. Acclimated 4 freshwater molly's to cycle the tank.

[Image: n6qcno.jpg]
Quick update on this tank 1 month in. I've been working in St John for the last 3 weeks so pretty much just added 4 fresh water molly's to cycle it and let it be. Added some frags of corals I have from the 45g as well as a few corals that just won't grow in my 45 for some reason. All of the corals that were almost dead in my 45 have come back to life in this tank, starting to think it must be the lighting.

Haven't checked any parameters yet, the wife just feeds flakes every night and I do a 5g water change when I get home Saturdays. Only using filter floss as of right now for filtration, seems to be doing the job though. Added a cleaner shrimp, emerald crab, Halloween hermit and a couple scarlet's last weekend.

Was looking in the tank last night and noticed a couple little extra fish, the Molly's must have had babies. No idea how the eggs made it past the cleaner shrimp or that they would even mate in salt water.

[Image: 2sa1eeb.jpg]

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