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New addition
I was over to Living Reef today and got one of the coolest inverts a basket star.
Some of you might know it better from Star Trek TNG as the Crystalline Entity.
Cool filter feeder.

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Thats awesome
It moved to the top of one of my Tonga branches and the arms are waving.
So cool.

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Is it something like those feather sea star
Yeah, for sure. It was still on the Tonga branch this morning with arms out.

Almost like this but mine isn’t that big.

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Totally crazy cool

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So cool. Didn't know anyone had one in their tank.
It is an amazing creature.

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One of my top 5 invertebrates of all times. As I told David, I got one in years ago and when you looked really close it had 5 baby ones little larger than a toonie all tangled on its disk.

Here is another picture of the one David posted.

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