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Auto Top up
Have to ask what do you reefers lose from your tank during the summer mine is 2Gallons ever 2 days in the 60 cube and the 125g normal or what ,lose less when fall arrives
I lose a gallon or two a day.

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I have my tank in the basement being un finish. Summer times stay cool down there so i dont loose too much. I may put 5 L every 4 days. Winter time i have to have the heat on i will put more in
Then I am the same as every other reefer going to raise my water level in the sump so pumps don`t burn out some times I get home to late
yes water goes down but I need the time to refill my ATO when not here
I go through about 10-15 gallons a week on my 100g system, closer to 20 to the winter

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Guess I am with the rest of you Reefers thought I was going threw way too much

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