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how long was it between being 9-10 to 5? That's a pretty serious swing, I'd be surprised if things went pissed off from that

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What test kit for alk? We need full tank details to help out with this one. A picture would help a lot
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Salifert and Red Sea. Tank was started in early June. Everything was good until last two weeks when I noticed stuff going south also realized all was dropping. I was dosing a bit of red seas coralline gro daily since I had extra from my reef mature kit. When I stopped I think levels dropped and hence the crash.

Started using Kalk and levels are not dropping anymore and staying stable just need to bring them back up slowly. We’ll see what happens after that.

I also think my cleaner shrimp is pissing off my corals by walking on them all the time and not helping matters.

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Lps and softies are way more forgiving and will (in my experience) do well in a bit "dirtier" tanks. Unless you have a large amount of corals sucking up huge amounts of calcium or other trace elements, which it doesn't sound like the case your problem is water quality, flow or light. Post parameters of the water, Size of tank, water flow and I'm sure we can find a solution ?

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