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HOB Refugium?
Hey gang, what are everyone’s thoughts and experiences with a HOB refugium on a 55 gallon mature reef? And no, I don’t have a sump and I’m not getting one on this setup lol. I have a bubble Magus HOB skimmer , tidal filter and two circulating jebaeos .
I have a modified aquaclear 110 as a hob refugium for my 65 reef. Works surprisingly well. It does require you to pretty well destroy the filter but I am very happy with the performance.
I have a CPR aquafuge 2 on my 75 gallon. Works great. There is a place for filter pads, carbon, purigen, cheato etc..which I put in mine. I bought a light on Amazon. I'm also using a bubble magus hob skimmer. I like it.

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