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Hammer Frags
I’ve fragged 2 more of my large hammer corals.

I have frags of both apricot and electric green.

I have several frags of each.

$25 per head, 2 for $40 and 3 for $60. More you buy cheaper it gets and if you want a frag of each we can cut a deal on pricing.

I do have a 10 head electric green colony which is nice as well.

I also still have a couple of green with blue tip hammer frags from my other posting.

It’s hard to capture the apricots colors on an iPhone. Canada corals were selling a single head for $54.99.

[Image: df14d6ba8280397c9364b84e046a7efc.jpg]

Mother colony of the electric green

[Image: 52f8b3a30b7666b169c548818cb6fe8f.jpg]

Located in Tantallon.

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How many total?
I have several of each kind as of now.

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I still want my 2 of each how much for that
I still have them ready to go. I'll PM you for pickup arrangements.
Just 2 remaining Neon Green frags left. 10 head colony is still available as well.

4 or 5 Apricot frags left.

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