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Aquarica COVID-19 Update
To minimize the community spread of COVID-19 and protect our employees and families, AQUARICA's store will be temporarily closed to in-store browsing after our regular 12-8 pm hours on Friday March 20th.
Effective Saturday, March 21st, we will provide a store 'pick-up' service for any items you wish to have on Saturday, Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday from 2-4 pm (or other pre-arranged time). If you wish to have anything during this period, please place your order for pick-up by e-mail at, facebook, or phone at 902 484-3474. We will prepare the items for pick up on the pre-arranged date. We ask that payments during this period be made by e-transfer to

We will post up to date fish lists and pictures/videos of livestock in the next few days.  In the meantime, please stay safe and healthy.
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As the number of cases climbs in Nova Scotia I expect way more to be shut down as well. I think you guys are making a wise decision
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