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No QT set up and pretty sure got an ick outbreak. I am raising the temp. now but need to know  what REEF SAFE stuff are people using and where did they get it.
I don’t think there’s anything reef safe. Are you sure it’s only Ick? In my experience it’s best to just leave them alone and feed them well. If it’s velvet it’s a whole other story. What livestock do you have? How long has the tank been running? All useful info to know how to advise on a treatment. Raising the temp might make the fish happier. What temp you thinking?
I fed mine Mysis soaked in Garlic juice seems to work Tangs get Nora soaked in Garlic juice also my turned up my temp to 82 as I read Ick can`t stand the rise in temp. My fish were stressed out by Annie`s son sleeping in the living room gaming all night TV flashing all hours of the night till morning so no sleep for them. On that note haven`t lost a fish till he came to the house but he is QT for 2 weeks so can`t go home

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