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My 75 gallon reef is running .
It has taken a bit time to get this tank up and running 
With all restrictions On shopping It  has not been easy getting  
Pluming suplies I needed i ordered stuff on line and half time not sure 
Exactly what i needed . Paul at aquaria was very helpful and others also  with suggestions.
  Frist try was we had leak had to redo whole thing. 
This time so far everything is looking good  .
Tank has been running for few weeks finally got a few fish a hermit crab and feather duster .
Everything seem to be going ok no big issues .
[Image: a95a25da9687d1cfb02ac4c62fb3d08c.jpg]
[Image: ace9394d5f51c310a83ff77d1fcbcb29.jpg]

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