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From biocube 32g to 120g Acrylic
The 120g has been sitting in the garage for few weeks now. I had to finish some home reno first.

I used my old 60g tank stand and turn it to 120. There was nothing wrong with the stand so save few bucks.

So hopefully tomorrow I will dry fit the plumbing got the overflow box done today. More to follow Cheers[Image: a7e4954fddd076e044a6c1c0e31deda5.jpg][Image: a4de6fc9f271a03b2cc412e5fd8b6a63.jpg][Image: d089b549e985286a5387258a3ecf137e.jpg][Image: 4496429a7343118800bcc3f4edd09afa.jpg][Image: 145c7b297ec92e7302dfeec835440099.jpg][Image: 405e12c43a6fca48af9dfffd4b7f2080.jpg]

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Looks good! That's an interesting overflow, what one is that?
stealthbox with h2-overflow from custom aquarium

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Looks great. Can’t wait to see it come together!

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