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UV in sump
Is anyone locally running a UV light? Looking to purchase a light for a 75 gallon, plus may 15-20 sump. I would put it on it's own pump draw and return to the sump. Probably schedule the light. Just wondering if anyone else is doing similar and where you bought your equipment. As far as I can tell nothing is available locally.
I’ve been debating one after a rescent disease outbreak. They need a certain flow to work properly.

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I use a coralife 18x twist uv sterilizer. I had to buy a small pump and hose for it
I bought a green machine for a temporary fix. Moving forward if I feel UV is a long term play I will run a pump and a higher end unit and sell the green machine.
I have a hang on fuge on my 120 gal with the AA green killing machine inside. Seems to work well and it's hidden.
Green machine arrived today, I'll run it for a few hours tonight in the sump. I think I'll put it on a timer.
Just an update on the green machine. I can only comment of water clarity since that is the only obvious change, and it is significant. I ran the light 24/7 for about 2 weeks before turning it off. It was a noticeable positive change in my tank. It is off now, but I will run it as needed. I would not hesitate to spend money on a better UV system if the time comes.
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