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Looks like I didn't do an intro
Nice setup
Very Nice looking man. I had an 80 Gallon Lagoon like that as my Display tank.

[Image: cff3a24ad272d5a1567ff0cc6760bacb.jpg]
Refugium was the topic for today. Mine is an almost failure. I haven't killed the chaeto yet but I have not had it grow much either. I have tried my own led grow light that I made, a white led flood light and now a viper spectra 300 grow light. I am not sure about settings for veg/bloom but I did find mention that more red less blue. So I am trying 100 bloom and 10 veg. 24hr. I will monitor to see if it grows. Backup plan will be the two par38s. I know they work as I saw them installed at their prior home.

I just stirred it up, what a mess.

I don't have an Apex yet, I used wifi power strips for the equipment, wifi ink bird for temp control. DT return pump is backed up with a UPS. Picked it prior to the last hurricane warning. My return pump is a jebao dcp-5000. Which i like. I have been told to get a spare as it will fail. At the time the price was right. I should have ordered two then. Think I paid 86 on Amazon during the spring.

Tank is starting to have a good growth of green coralline algae. A few pink spots. I recently treated for red cyano, and currently battling hair algae. I have reef flux coming this week but would prefer to not use it.

My challenge is not the corals that look fine but the one that does not. Its a rainbow gonipora. Trying to make it happy is a real challenge.

[Image: e8eaed3f18a13c08ed53b074cadf2970.jpg][Image: be853dc7be6cef0febd62f0bf1937318.jpg][Image: 08be7d46d67367e688f94a48ac3435b3.jpg]

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This is the lights I use Johnny
They are about 12” off the water. They are not adjustable just 2 switches for veg and bloom and I run both on and 24/7. My cheato grows like it’s on fire.
Received my booster pump today from BRS. Seems to work well. I had to disconnect the pressure guage it was making alot of noise and was bouncing. A liquid filled Guage may be better for this.[Image: a0be4dd797bf16c211aba399036d71ff.jpg]

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Looks great. I wish mine looked that neat
Sump is finished and I installed the supply and returns. I replaced the original bulkheads and used molykote 111 on the seals and connections. Still need to snug up the nuts, hard to do by yourself. Next will be plumbing. I would like to send water to the refugium which will now be on the left. I split off the supply on my other tank. I suppose this is the best way. [Image: 10bc886739962429277d787968d817f6.jpg]

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Looks like it is coming along nicely.

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