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Pet lobster
So I went to superstore last night to grab some seafood to make up a batch of food and having tons of tank space and seeing the lobster there I decided to buy one to see if I couldn't get one to survive in my tank. I put it in last night and it just stayed in one place so I just left it and this morning when I checked on it I found one fiesty critter. It's totally aware and as mean as it gets. 
[Image: image_zpsaxpzjlro.png]
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Let it grow out and have a little feast!!!!
(11-Aug-2016, 12:05 PM)nsfishguy Wrote: Let it grow out and have a little feast!!!!

What!!! Eat Larry the lobster?? Never lol. I never did like them.
I am not a huge fan of the taste either!
So a quick update... Came home tonight to a very live and fiesty lobster so I re arranged the rocks to make it a tunnel which it quickly claimed as its home and even pushed a bunch of substrate out of. So lights went out and less than a minute later it's out roaming around the tank. I haven't seen it eat yet but I doubt that'll take long

So last night after the lights went out this guy was out roaming the tank so I turned the lights on and started recording. He didn't take long to disappear. Pretty cool how it digs it's burrow out to as it does in the video. I'll try to feed it tonight but from what I've seen so far this thing is adapting to my tank temp no problem. Smile
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Did you acclimate him at all or just turf hi in?
(12-Aug-2016, 11:22 AM)nsfishguy Wrote: Did you acclimate him at all or just turf hi in?

When you buy lobster from superstore they just put them in a bag. It was about 25 degrees out when I got it and it was at least a half hour before I got home so I figured it was already warmed up. So I just put it in a tote and used a small air line to cyphon it full which took about 5 mins... Then I just dropped it in.
Quick update... This thing is unreal. If you've ever had a pistal shrimp this thing is like a super sized one. It's like a little bulldozer. It's got it's cave dug right out. It's very active in and out of its cave digging and such. It ate a big chunk of squid this morning too. I really like this guy. I can tell it's getting comfortable being in the tank and seeing the movement in front of the tank. It seams to be a very intelligent creature. I do know this....I'm sure it likes the water I put it in way better than the hot water it would have found itself in if it had of went home with someone else lol
Awesome Wayne, keep the updates coming!

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