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Sustainable Marine Canada Experience
Placed an order with Sustainable Marine Canada.  Small order, some GFO, Hanna ALK Reagent and 4" frag disks.  The only reason I went with them is because they seemed to be the only vendor with the 4" disks.

Well ordered on a Saturday.  Didn't hear anything so emailed them Tuesday night to get an order status.  Was told it would ship out the next day and they were waiting on the reagents, yet their website didn't state they were out or on backorder.  Had to email again on Thursday asking about the order as I had not received any information.  

Later that day I got a tracking number.  Took 4 business days to get to Halifax and upon opening the package there was zero bubble wrap or protection of any kind.  The 5 frag disks were broken into about 300 pieces.

Won't be ordering again, should have stuck with Reef Supplies.
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If I'm ordering supplies online I always go through reef supplies or Fragbox, sometimes J&L aquatics but my credit card # was hacked from their site recently, otherwise they're good.
Reef supplies is the best of the best. J&l aquatics too
I’ve thought about ordering from there but never did. Glad I didn’t.

I’ve ordered from reef supplies, and JL many times.
Ordered from ReefConcept, they are good.
Aquarium Depot is great. Super fast shipping. Web site is always up to date, If it says in stock, then it’s in stock.
I will say that after some back and forth emails they did ship me a replacement which was properly packaged.

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