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Wifi power bar
Tried something new today and it worked. I turn off the skimmer, return pump and fluval 407 when I feed. I had set up a button that does all that. What I tried today is setting a count down timer to turn on something, and it worked also. I use the countdown timer on the rodi to turn off the aquatic life smart buddy booster pump. Very nice, I tend to forget to turn stuff back on. [Image: 98eab104a35b9b46b7100b3ebd09ad69.jpg][Image: 65a4436c818259a258d85cb5dd4ea12d.jpg]

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U can do this off the pict device i showed?
I would say yes, another option is costco sells the single outlet ones in two for $20. I have six of these, four plugged into the power bars for the frag system. One for my rodi and the last one for my QT tank lights. They also monitor power usage.

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