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Keeping my alkalinity stable
New problem today is I have not been home to do any maintenance on the tank. So the NO3 has gotten out of hand. I think its related to the substrate I got off Rob. I didn't rinse it just drained it and tossed it in the second low boy tank. I picked up two poly pads from Brian today and have them in the bubble trap in the sump. I have 40 gal salt mixed and it's heating up. Good thing I'm home this weekend. On the upside Some of the coral is happy.[Image: bc6d03d6ee0632ff883949839091ea9e.jpg][Image: ac0e6692fc08db63b3ea7e8b0f3363dd.jpg][Image: 45e54063385c0806724445a976c30cd6.jpg]

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Ya good you caught it .

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Changed 35 gal and siphoned the sand. Didn't find it was very dirty. New test looks a but higher than 40 so I'll call it 50. Better than where it was. Need to frag some of the coral in the frag side. Some of it is growing off their plugs.

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Ya they grow pretty fast . My zoas are not growing real fast but the other stuff is growing good. .
I believe. I am having trouble with alklanty dropping
Trying to figure it out .
Was ok before I took top of it was pretty stable but now it seem to drop to fast .
If you have any zoas or other coral. For sale I-am still looking for stuff .

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